If you are thinking about visiting Northside for the first time, this page will help you get ahead of the game.  Below are some details about a Sunday morning visit.

When You Arrive

We have parking located on all sides of our campus. The main sanctuary is building 1 on the map. We have our 10:45 (traditional) service there. Building 4 is the Activities Building, which holds our 9:30 (contemporary) Thrive service.

Sunday school classes meet in buildings 1-4. The Fellowship Hall Building holds pre-k ministry (including nursery) and the fellowship hall as well.

If you need help finding where to go, ushers and greeters are stationed throughout the campus. They’ll be glad to help you!





W o r s h i p

At Northside you can experience a variety of worship styles.  Our THRIVE service meets in the activities building at 9:30am.  This service offers a modern worship style with a live band.  Our traditional service meets in the Sanctuary at 10:45.  This service offers a more traditional style service with a full choir and soloists.  Both services put a high premium on singing to God to prepare our hearts to hear and experience God.  We encourage you to give both services a visit.  There is something for all the generations at Northside.

T e a c h i n g

It is vital that every person, no matter their spiritual background, clearly understand the Word of God as it is presented in the Bible.  The preaching and teaching is the same at both morning services.  You can expect to hear relevant and applicable messages that are true and accurate to God's word. Northside's doctrinal beliefs are in line with those set forth in the Baptist Faith and Message.

C H u R c h   L i f e

Northside stays very active and has opportunities for fellowship, learning, activity, and service for all ages.  Sunday school follows each worship service.  There are classes for all ages.  Adults have multiple options to choose from so it may take a few visits to check out all of the options. If you have questions about Church Life at Northside you can ask them HERE.  You can always reach out to a staff member with any questions as well.